Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bobcats win game 1 against Miami

2010-11 Playoffs Round 2 CHA v MIA Game 1

The Cats won a long game 57-53.
Neither team led by more than 5 points, which the Heat did in the 3rd quarter. The story of the game was how short each team's scoring runs were and how low the scoring was. The "points scored per quarter" stat was one of the lowest all year for the Bobcats. One of the outstanding performers to note was Thabo Sefolosha who hit some big shots. One of these shots was at the end of the 2nd quarter that sent the Cats into the locker room up 19-18. Raja Bell is still trying to find his shot. He has yet to connect on a 3pter since returning from his injury. Bell does have his ups though. He posterized Bosh in the later part of the game!

The Cats were up 44-40 with 47 seconds left in regulation, but they were not able to hang onto the lead somehow. In overtime the Cats led 48-44 before the Heat went on a 6-0 run to take a 50-48 lead with 1:12 remaining. That cats tied the game and then made a nice defensive stand. One of the Cats hit a big three with 23 seconds remaining. The cats decided to do something a little odd. They fouled Arroyo on the inbounds and sent him to the Free throw line in effort to make sure the Heat would not be able to hit a three to tie the game. The risky move worked! Arroyo missed the second free throw and the Heat immediately fouled the Cat's rebounder. The player hit both freethrows with 13.6 seconds left. The Heat tried to get open for a three but the Cats just hounded the the ball. It should be mentioned that Gay had an awesome block on Wade in OT.

Odd Stat. Hinrich 2 assists and 3 turnovers. no points or rebounds

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No! It can't be!

Announcer 1: We welcome you to game 4 of the Bobcats and Pacers series in Indianapolis. Currently the Pacers are down 2 games to 1 and the Pacers are putting a scare into the Bobcats.

Announcer 2: The loss in Charlotte has really gotten Manfred Nissley concerned. Rumors continue to circulate concerning why he was even hired and why Brown is still on the hot seat after getting the best record.

A1: And here is the tip. Who do you think will win this game?

A2: Oh it must be Charlotte they barely won the last game and it lit a fire under the team.

A1: Bobcats strike first they are up 2-0.

3 minutes later

A1: The Pacers are taking it to the Bobcats tonight. They are up 4-14!

End of the first.

A1 Now that we have finished the first quarter what is your impression?

A2 Well if the Bobcats wish to even come close to winning this game they must defend better! The Pacers are lighting them up and lead 10-22!

And as we start the 2nd quar.....

A1 Its halftime now and the Pacers lead 17-35. What do you think is going on?

A2 Danny Granger is living it up down there. The Pacers can't seem to miss!

A1 Lets go and see what Manfred Nissley has to say. He is always good for a quote.

Manfred Nissley, what is impression of the game so far?

MN Gna, Gna, it cant be! Its a disaster. An unmitigated disaster! Augh!

A1 Well that was interesting. I have never seen Nissley look so wild! I wonder what is wrong with him?

A2 Who knows, everyone things he could be crazy, even Jordan is starting to wonder.

We now cut to the private Box of Manfred Nissley for the rest of the game, it is reported he is having a mental break down.

Oh no! what is going on! we are in the third and we are losing 19 - 37! Oh good there is a three. No! there they go again the pacers score. What is going on here! These Pacers are super human.

I wonder if they are on drugs. Yes that must be it. Ganger must be taking something. Nobody is that focused. And what was that. That was a foule you stupid ref.

This is crazy. We are  down 33-61 here in the fourth and I cant take it anymore! I need to leave. Wheres my door. Oh there it is.


Wow that was crazy. I stepped out the door and the stadium disapeared. Where am I? Oh hello there! Who are you?

Who me?

yes, you!

It is I, Diger O'dell, the friendly undertaker.

Oh now this is just weird I must be hallucinating. You are a character in an old time radio show.

That I am. How did you get fall in my grave, and why are you disturbing the funeral?

I have no clue. Wait I must be dreaming.

Drunk is more like it.

Would you help me out of here? I would like to see Riley, for I seem to be living in "The Life of Riley" program.

Sure, here is my hand.


DO: No, thank you! I need an extra grave hole closer. Will you help me?

MN: Sure, this is weird.

DO: Later, thanks, I didnt get your name.

MN: My name is Manfred....

(old lady) Did you say Manfred?

MN: Yes!

OL: You killed my husband you Red Baron!

MN: No! Wait! oof!

DO: See you two later. I had better be shoveling off! Got two more graves to dig. His and you, madam murderess!

Pant, pant, pant.
Whats this I am covered is sweat and I hear the Life of Riley Program. What time is it? 8AM, well its time to get up. What an awful dream! Hmm... I just had an idea. Lets put Marion at Pf and Gay at SF with Hinrich at SG. I need to talk with Brown. Lets see what is on the news.

...In the west the Mavericks stave off elimination and the Lakers win again.

I wonder if the Mavericks can come back form a 0-3 deficit and make history....

2010-11 Playoffs Round 1 CHA v IND games 4,5

Playoffs Round 1 CHA v IND game 4

The Bobcats won a tough battle over the Pacers 60-52. The Bobcats decided to change up their defensive scheme in order to combat Danny Granger who had been lighting it up from beyond the arc. The Cats decided to use Gibson at C, Marion at Pf, Gay at SF, Hinrich at SG, and Conley at the point. The Cats discovered in the first that this lineup would not work after they were down 7-12. The Bobcats then went with Gibson at C Marion at PF, Sefolosha at SF, Gay at SG, and Conley at the point with Camby, Anderson, Bell, Neal, and Hinrich coming off the bench. This lineup helped the Cats pull out to a 30-22 lead. From that point both teams were fairly matched. The Cats did go up 53-40 in the 4th. The Pacers then went on a 12-3 run to pull within 52-56 that scared the Cats. The Bobcats then hit four freethrows and the Pacers could not score again.

That defensive scheme kept the Pacers to 1-12 from the three point line.

Odd stat. Granger had 12 points, yet was 1-8 from downtown.

League News
76ers stay alive. Win 36-35. ATL 3 - PHI 1
DAL v OKC. Dallas stays alive, beats OKC 43-36. OKC 1-8 3pt.

2010-11 Playoffs Round 1 CHA v IND Game 5

The Cats decided to sop toying with the Pacers and put them out of their misery. They clobbered the Pacers 61-45 and won the series 4-1.

Larry Brown is once again on the hot seat after he forgot to change the starting lineup to include Sefolosha instead of Hinrich. After getting an earful of calm commands from Manfred Nissley he quickly changed who was on the floor.

The Cats jumped out to a 15-4 lead and never looked back. They kept that margin in the scores until the 3rd when the Cats went on a nice run and went up by 23. During the third quarter Hibbert picked up his 5th foul. He then fouled out with 4.8 seconds left in the fourth.

T. J. Ford returned for this game and led the Pacers with 15 points.

Due to the Bobcats defensive scheme the held Granger to 3-13 shooting!

Odd stat. Granger missed a double double by 1 point and 1 rebound.

New Cards

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Series News

Dallas Star
James Parker

OKC Leads series 3-1.
The Dallas must keep their heads and continue to do what they did last night or they will be out of the playoffs. The question on everyone's minds is "will the Mavericks do what no team has ever done?"

OKC did something nobody thought was possible. They won both games in Dallas against the second best team in the league! They then won the next game as well!

If you turned on the radio this morning and not paid attention to this series because it was a forgone conclusion you were very much surprised. The Mavericks finally turned in a good game last night. They won 41-35.

What has happened so far? One name stands out as the culprit of the Mavericks losing the first three games. Jason Terry. Dallas lost the first game 35-48 and Terry was 0-6. Dallas lost the second game 44-46 and Terry was 2-6 from long range. Dallas lost game 3 39-40 and Terry was 3-7. Dallas won last night 41-35 by holding the Thunder to 1-7 from long range. Dallas only sent OKC to the freethrow line 7 times.

Bobcats win game 3 @ Indiana

10-11 Playoffs Round 1 Game 3 Bobcats @ Pacers

The game was tight throughout the and the Cats eventually won 48-40. For some reason the Cats decided to shoot their way out of their 3pt slump. As it turned out half of the Cats points were from downtown. In fact, as you can tell from the game stats the only thing that separated the Cats from the Pacers were the 8 extra points scored from the three point line.

Odd stat: Neal was on fire and shot 50% for 10 points in 6 minutes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Babcats crush Pacers in 1st game, lose 2nd in heartbreaker!

2010-11 Playoffs Series 1 Cats v Pacers Game 1

The Bobcats opened the the 2010-11 Playoffs with a shaky 58-50 win. The Bobcats knew they were in for a tough nite when the 1st quarter was very close most of the way. The Cats thought they were going to pull away in the second when they went up 29-21. The Pacers started chipping away in the 3rd and were down by 6 with 3:03 in the 4th when Collison went down. The cats pulled away again and opened up a 10 point lead. The Pacers then went on a run and pulled within 4 with 33 seconds left. After the Bobcat shit two sets of freethrows the Pacers knew they were done for the night. At the press conference it was announced that the injury to Collison is serious. he will be out 1-2 weeks with a separated shoulder. This is especially bad news for the Pacers since they are already without the services of T. J. Ford.

Odd Stat of the night: Hansbrough had a stat line with only zeroes except for a +/- of -1. 

Collison's bad landing

League News:
Chicago crushes Miami - Wade and Mike miller combine for 3-13 shooting. Mia 3pt% = 0% 0-3. Only 4 players scored for the Bulls!

2010-11 Playoffs Series 1 Cats v Pacers Game 2

The Pacers stunned the Bobcats in overtime 67-64. It was the Cats that actually forced overtime as they were down the entire game until the last minute.
In the first quarter the Pacers led 6-0 before the Bobcats could hit a shot. The Cats were within 1 point with 29 seconds left in the second quarter. The Pacers went on a 6-0 run and went out to a 29-22 lead. The Cats hung around during the third.
The Bobcat fans were booing with 3:49 to go in the fourth as the cats were down 46-35. The Cats suddenly closed the gap! With 1:56 to go the Bobcats had closed to within 1 pint! They got their first lead with 55 seconds to go in the fourth. With 17 seconds left someone left Granger open and he nailed a three which tied the game! The Cats failed to score in the final seconds of regulation.
In overtime the Pacers raced to a 67-61 lead. The Cats began to foul to extend the game. The strategy would have worked if they could have hit more than one of their three 3 pt attempts for the Pacers missed four straight free-throws! As it turned out the Cats missed those threes and the Pacers won 67-64.

Odd Stat of the Night: Rudy Gay scored 12 points but was 2-12 from 3!

New Cards

Team News: Raja Bell is back from his injury!

League News
Heat lose again! James + Bosh = 3-18, 1-7 spt
Thunder also stun Dallas twice in Dallas!