Saturday, April 30, 2011

End Of March Update

Game 74 Cats get clobbered by Cavs

Game 74 52-21 Cats v 21-52 Cavs

Despite a 2nd quarter comeback the Bobcats lost 45-61...To the Cavs! Once again the blame can be placed squarely on Rudy Gay's shooting, or lack there of. However, The rest of the team could not make up for it and most of the players seemed lethargic

There were a few lighthearted moments for the Cats. One occurred in the 2 quarter when Gooden blocked Gay as he lifted off for a dunk. Somehow the blocks hot went up in the air and went through the net! This link contains the video.
somehow Gay was given the honor being the signer of the pics of the play! (did not upload it)

It seemed the Cavs could do no wrong while the Cats were extremely sluggish. Some speculate that if Gary Neal had played more the Cats might have won.

Player of the Game; Alono Gee

Odd stat of the night. While most of the Cats were turrible, Thabo had 8 points in 7 minutes and Neal had 4 points in 3 minutes.

New Cards

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Draftee/player points news

If you are a draftee next year or in the future read this!

The scoring of points will begin during the 2010-11 playoffs. All draftees, no matter their draft year will be eligible to play the prediction games and acquire points. The points scoring will run from the 2010-11 playoffs through the 2011-12 regular season. Those who are in the drafts after the 2012 draft will have their points awarded based on a per year average using the years before they were drafted.

In other words.
                    Player 1,              Player 11,                                                   Player 21
year 1 50 points, drafted       60 points                                                        45 points
year 2                                     50 points (total 110 / 2 = 55) drafted               70 points 
year 3                                                                                                        65 points (180/3 =60) drafted

Each rookie prospect will start out with their skill attributes as messaged.

As a prospect It will cost 5 points to improve one area in which you included as a strength, 10 points for the areas you did not mention and 15 points for areas noted as weaknesses

The points will continue to accumulate after you are drafted and may be used once per game month to improve your player.

The following will be the way you may use points after you are drafted
10 points = 1 up tick in athletic attributes
5 points = 1 up tick in skill attributes
15 points = 2 ticks in either direction on any tendency attribute, must use 15 at a time.

Ways to get points
1. Prediction
 a. Outcome of game (winner + score) winner = 1, best score range accuracy = 1, closest score = 1
 b. Outcome of series (playoffs) winner of series = 1, number of games = 1, individual game winners = 1
 c. Oddest stat of the night performed by. must be correct player = 5 points (will keep roster page up to date)
2. Participation points
 a. Post a comment with prediction = 1 point
 b. post a general comment about what you read = 1/20th of a point.
 c. submit via message to me, a player story during scouting or during season and if I post it = 30 points.
 d. post smack with kosher language/subject against another draftee/player = 1 point
3. Win points lottery. Lottery points will be put into the pot when nobody guesses a correct answer or someone loses points.

Ways to lose points (you will not lose skills by my command)
1. Inactivity over a 30 game period = -30 points
2. Attempt to post smack without kosher language/subject = -10 points
3. 20 game prediction losing streak without any points = -20 points

Games 72,73 Knicks, Bucks: Cats new adopted mascot Chai has superpowers.

Game 72 50-21 Cats v 38-35 Knicks

The Cats won the game despite, once again, a crazy amount of turnovers. With 1.8 seconds left and up 59-58 the Cats goofed on the inbound pass. Thankfully Fields decided to dribble before hoisting a 3. The lone dribble ran out the clock and the Cats held on to the win. The game was close throughout except for a 9 point Cats lead which the Knicks erased with an 11-0 run.

Rudy Gay has lost his shooting touch the past few weeks. Thankfully his teammates have picked up the slack

Oddest Stat of the Night. Eddy Curry with no stats in 5 minutes

New Cards

 Team News
Bell opts for surgery.

 League News
 LAC: Kaman out for 4-6 weeks with broken toe.
 Houston recalls Hill

Game 73 51-21 Cats v 30-42 Bucks

The Bobcats ate the Lowly Bucks and ate them for supper 60-29. The entire team was hitting on all cylanders, and Rudy Gay finally found his stroke.
The Bucks thought the game would be easy after going up 3-9 in the first. But then Manfred Nissley the GM of the Cats was having a family devotional time and a Cat strayed into the stadium. This Cat went straight to the Cats Bench and began rubbing the legs of the coach. At first the team was confused when the coach told them not to inbound the ball after a Bucks score. Turned out the Cat "gave the coach inspiration" or so said the coach. The Cat, who was later adopted by the Team at halftime and given the name of Chai, was appearantly good luck for the Bobcats as they went on a 57-20 streak to finish the game. Throughout the arena in the fourth the home fans were chanting Chai, Chai, Chai!
Odd Stat of the night. Chai must have spooked Brandon Jennings as he scored 5 points on 1-13 shooting (0-8 spt), 3-5 FT and had 3 turnovers.

IRL (My family and I had finished devotions and I suddenly heard a noise. I looked around and our Cat Chai had somehow hit the right button on my controller, which allowed the Bucks to score and caused the Cats to not inbound the ball.)