Friday, April 15, 2011

Bobcats luck running out? Cats lose two versus Thunder, Spurs

Game 68 48-19 Cats @ 37-30 Thunder

The Thunder beat the Bobcats in OT. The Cats would have won in regulation had it not been for their woeful FT%. and their turnovers. The Thunder had the Bobcats number from tip off and never allowed the Cats to have a substantial lead. The Thunder held an 8-3 lead in the 1st quarter. The cats stormed back and the game was tied at the end of the 1st. The cats held a 7 point lead at halftime. The Cats became complacent and allowed the Thunder to hang around. The Thunder eventually tied the game in the final seconds and sent it into overtime. In the OT the Thunder quickly jumped out to a 51-47 lead. Neither team scored for 1:30 when the Cats cut the lead to two. It then became a foul fest. With 4 seconds left the Cats could not hit the tying three and it was all she wrote. 2 fouls later and the old lady sang the note she wrote. A note that saddened the Cats. When Nissley was asked about the loss his only reply was "STUPID FREE THROWS!"
Durant went down in the first quarter and will be out 1-2 weeks with a Lower Back Strain
James Harden will play hurt for 1-2 weeks with Back Spasms.

Odd Stat of the Night:
Sefolosha had only 1 assist and 1 steal in 9 minutes.

LAC recall Deandre Jordan
2nd worst team Suns fire Alvin Gentry and sign Alvin Wilkes

Game 69 48-20 Cats @ 3-32 Spurs

The Spurs take out the Cats 56-51 due to the inability of the Cats to hold onto the ball. The Cats held a nice 26-18 lead at Halftime. But, just like the last game the Cats came out of the locker room complacent. The game was tight from then until the end of the fourth where the Cats could not capitalize on the Spurs missed free throws.

Notes: Manu Ginobili is day to day with a sore wrist. Manu begged for a flagrant but his plea was denied.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have updated the NBA Rosters.

If you are interested in being a draft pick for 2012 get your info to me ASAP! I have 6 spots left.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Games 65, 66, 67 Blazers, Raptors, Rockets (skill upgrade, finally)(ppr-March update) (Major Team news))

Game 65 47-17 Cats vs 29-35 Blazers

The Blazers took out the Cats with a commanding 64-51 shooting fest. The Cats didn't go down without a fight however. The scratched and clawed the blazers for quite a while. On a monster collision with Camby, Wesley Matthews was injured. He will be out 6-8 weeks with a broken wrist. Even without Matthews the Blazers target practiced on the Cats and eventually put them down. After the third quarter the Cats began to shoot 3s every time down the floor. It was all for naught. The Blazers just took them down.

The league is looking into the foul by Camby and are considering a possible suspension.

Odd stat of the night. Matthews had 2 points, 2 steals in 1 minute of action!

New Cards

Spurs recall Jake Robinson
Magic sign RaShad McCants for the rest of the season

2K Notification.
Congrats! Cats complete goal of making playoffs!

Team News
The Bobcats have taken the bold of a preemptive suspension of Marcus Camby. They knew the league would be likely to suspend him. They also knew that the scrutiny of the league would create animosity from the fans.
As a result of the suspension the Cats signed #42 Clay Davidson C ( 56) to a 10 day contract. His playing time will be sparse after Camby is back. Clay is 7'3" 300lbs and will most likely not amount to much, even though is rather young yet.

Game 66 47-18 Cats @ 24-41 Raptors

The Cats were killed by the Raptors 71-51. Without Camby they were no match for Toronto. All-in-all it was a bad game for the whole Cats team. Up in the press box Nissley could be seen shaking his fist. After the game he released a statement that he would hold a press conference in a few days. On top of all this Clay Davidson, it was discovered, is only good at hitting free throws, closing out on shooters and setting picks.

Odd stat of night.
10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists in 6 minutes for Bayless.

Press conference with Manfred Nissley
Hi guys, I will be brief as possible and please hold all questions until another time.
While I like the basic core of our team we still have some fine tuning to do, as was evidenced by our last game. Mr. Brown is on even shorter leash now and could be fired next year if we do not go .500 over our last 16 games. He knows this and I believe he will light a fire under this team. About the players I will say this. Most of these guys are keepers in my book. It will be tough cutting players next year who will do well on other teams. Please remember we have both Pistons draft picks this year as well as the Cavs second round pick. The Pistons are currently 3rd worse in the league and the Cavs are the worst.

If you remember a few weeks ago I let it be known that Camby would not be back next year. I have more bad news for you. We asked Marion if he would be willing to do a new deal to free up cap space for the upcoming year. Alas and alack he said no way and that if we did not increase his salary by 10% he would either demand a trade or retire. We told him there was no reason for him to retire since he is still a very good player we would attempt to trade him.

This concludes the press conference. Please ask any questions you have at the next meeting.

Game 67 47-19 Cats @ 40-28 Rockets

The Bobcats defensive shield thwarted the Rockets and destroyed the Rocket launching positions. They beat the Rockets 55-41 in a game where Battier could not keep up with Marion.

The entire Bobcats team had a 'fire lit under them'. Marion was especially on fire after his GM Nissley called him out after Marion demanded a trade. Marion certainly is building his stock and their will surely be teams calling about him in the off season.

Mavs recall Dominique Jones
Cavs recall Sonny Weems
Celtics recall Semih Erden

DAL: D. Stevenson will play hurt 4-6  weeks after breaking his finger.
LAL: Barnes will play hurt 2-4 weeks with a Strained Hamstring
NY: Gallinari out 2-4 weeks with a sprained foot.
Wash: Tyrus Thomas out 2-4 weeks with a concussion

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Games 63, 64 Cats beat mediocre Clippers and decent Bulls. introducing "odd stat of the night!"

Game 63 47-17 Cats vs 30-33 Clippers

The Cats shredded the sails and scuttled the Clippers for the second time this season. The Cats put away the Clips on their usual up tempo disordered way which confuses most teams in the league. Sometimes the opponent is in the right place at the right time but usually not. The game was tight in the first quarter, after which the Cats held a 2 point lead. After the first the Cats slowly built a what would turn out to be an insurmountable lead.
Odd Stats of the Night.
Gary Neal. 4 points in only one minute of playing time.
Ben Wallace. 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 blocks, 0 assists, 1 steal in 9 minutes.

Bucks are turmoil. Skiles is on the outs and Delfino wants out.

PHI: D. Anderson out 2-4 weeks with broken wrist
Bos: Perkins out 2-4 weeks Severe Ankle Sprain

Game 64 46-47 Cats vs 36-26 Bulls

The Cats and Bulls put on a spectacular show for the fans. Neither team could hold a lead. The Cats finally put away the Bulls late in the fourth quarter.
Conley opened the game with an ankle breaking crossover drive on Derrick Rose. Rose later had his revenge when he posterized every Cats player on the court on a single dunk!
In the middle of the third quarter Boozer had a nasty mid air collision with McRoberts. As a result he will be out 1-2 weeks with a lower back strain.

Odd stat of the night:
Kwame Brown, 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 blocks, 2 steals in 4 minutes.

liftoff of dunk below!

See the Bobcats? See them run?

Camby and Noah pose for poster

Boozers injurious collision