Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Game 62. Blazers lose despite amazing comeback.

Game 62 44-17 Cats @ 29-32 Blazers

2.8 Seconds left in OT and the hometown Blazers are up 64-63 after a monstrous steal and dunk by Brandon Roy! The crowd is on its feet and this place is rocking! The Blazers have their first lead in the game and that steal and shot may be the dagger in the back of the Cats! The Cats have no timeouts left.

Conley starts to run up-court! Camby throws him a pass! Conley runs over the half court line as the clock runs low! Conley sends up a prayer with less than a second to go. Its up. up. down. I think everyone is in shock! Conley is as surprised as everyone that it went IN!

The refs are now looking to see if he got it off in time, and yes it is good! The entire stadium is reeling here and the Bobcats are jumping for joy!

If you have just joined us and missed the game here is the recap.

In the first quarter the Cats looked as though they were going to run away with the game. One problem. The Blazers kept pace and never let up on the pressure. In the 4th quarter the Blazers were down by 10 with less than 2:00 minutes to go. Suddenly the Cats started to lose control of the game. With 3.8 seconds left in the 4th the Blazers tied the game at 58.

In the the overtime period the Cats kept a narrow lead. At 1:33 left in OT Aldridge was injured. He will be out with a broken wrist for 4-6 weeks. With 7 seconds left and the Cats up by 1 disaster struck for the Cats. For some reason the Cats do not like to get fouled in the fourth quarter. Roy stole the ball and ran down the court and dunked the ball with 2.8 seconds left. And then came the miracle shot by Conley.

Another notable occurrence were the dunks by Hermann. He posterized the blazers on consecutive possessions.

With the win the Cats have increased their record to a better record than last year's.

In other news Denver's Udoka is out 2-4 weeks with a strained abdomen and Memphis' Carroll is out 1-2 weeks with a strained Neck. (ouch)

New Cards.

To see a video of the Miracle Shot click this link.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Game 61 Cats steamrole stumbling Lakers

Game 61 43-17 Cats @ 38-24 Lakers
Pregame notes
The Lakers are .500 in the last 10 games heading into this game.

James McAlexander
LA Beat Reporter

I did not expect the Cats to win this game even though Lakers have been struggling, but early on it was evident that something continues to be wrong with the Lakers. Not only did the Cats quiet the Lakers fans they also quieted the Lakers "bigs" by pounding the ball inside. Foul trouble plagued the Lakers which eventually forced the Lakers to lose. Odom had 6 fould while Gasol and Bynum had 5 each. It wasn't all good news for the Cats as they lost Anderson for 2-4 weeks with a strained Abdomen. The final score was 69-44.

Due to the loss of Anderson the Bobcats have signed #5 SF/PF Walter Herrman (61) for a short time. The Cats also released Jamaal Tinsley who was complaining about playing time.

Lakers Season Cards

Monday, April 4, 2011

A look at the upcoming Off-Season.

I decided to take a look at the current free agents and see which players I might take a shot at. I have decided, and told Camby, that I will be trying to trade him to a new team during the off-season since he is not pleased with his current minutes even though he is starting.
In the following lists the players with circled X are the ones I would like to target.