Saturday, March 26, 2011

Readers decide: play on after glitch or use backup save

Well, after I played the ASG I checked the injury report. Apparently I am the victim of the injury glitch. I decided to use the backup save and sim past the allstar break to see what, if anything, would happen. Thankfully, no glitch.

Now it is your turn to decide. Shall I play with the backup save or shall I create an interesting story about a revival and miraculous healing meeting that took place on all-star weekend?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rookies versus Sophomores game

Hornets recall Pondexter
Wolves sign Adrian Hill to 1yr. deal
Magic sign Rashad McCants to 1yr deal

Rookies versus Sophomores Game
The rookie versus sophomore game was a real yawner and neither team could hold on to a lead. The rookies eventually pulled away in the fourth quarter to beat the Sophomores 32-24. Another disappointment was the lack of dunks and threes. Blake hardly even got to the rim and most of the threes that were put up clanged of the rim.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming soon

Coming soon...
Complete NBA Roster page, to be continuously updated! (thank you blogspot)
All-Star festivities.
Trade Deadline. Many Teams are looking to make trades. Many unhappy players.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cats beat Lakers on Valentines Day and Bulls the next day,but lose Gay in the process.

Game 55 38-16 v. 36-19 Lakers
Cats break out their retro red unis for Valentines Day,

2:28 1st: Cats up 9-6
1:46 1st: Cats down 10-9
:41.2 1st: Cats down 12-15
End 1st: Game tied at 17
3:52 2nd: Cats down 21-22
3:29 2nd: Cats up 23-22
2:39 2nd: Game tied at 25
1:20 2nd: Game tied at 27
:26.7 2nd: Game tied at 29
:19.2 2nd: Cats up 31-29
Halftime: Cats up 33-29
3:51 3rd: Cats up 38-29 (Lakers' Starting PG Blake just picked up his 4th!)
3:06 3rd: Cats up 42-29
End 3rd: Cats up 53-37
3:34 4th: Cats up 53-44
2:39 4th: Cats up 55-47
1:56 4th: Cats up 61-50
1:03 4th: Cats up 66-53
:55.7 4th: Blake just got injured. Not a big deal. He will play hurt 1-2 weeks with a sore knee.

Upon Exiting the game I was given the message that points were given to me for winning 10 games in a row.

First batch of Lakers' Cards

Magic trade Redick + '12 2ndRP to 76ers for Songaila + Battie.
-Stupid trade on the Magic's part. They are currently battling for the 3 worst record in the league and with this trade there is no reason to think that will change next year.

Game 56 39-16 Cats @ 31-22 Bulls

3:17 1st: Cats up 5-0
2:23 1st: Cats up 7-5
2:00 1st: Game tied at 7
1:33 1st: Cats down 7-9
:26.1 1st: Cats down 10-11
End 1st: Cats up 12-11
4:10 2nd: Cats up 16-11
3:40 2nd: NOOOOO!!!! GAY INJURED!!!! He will be out 1-2 weeks wit a lower back strain.

2:45 2nd: Cats up 18-16
1:34 2nd: Cats up 24-18
:43.0 2nd: Cats up only 26-25 after a 3 by Deng, but Deng is now down! Exact same prognosis as Gay.

:26.7 2nd: Cats down 26-27
:7.4 2nd (halftime): Cats up 28-26
3:56 3rd: Game tied at 29
2:55 3rd: Cats down 29-35
1:33 3rd: Cats down 34-38
End 3rd: Cats down 39-41
4:49 4th: Game tied 41
4:23 4th: Cats up 43-41
2:39 4th: Cats up 50-46
2:02 4th: Game tied at 50
1:42 4th: game tied at 52
1:30 4th: Cats up 54-52
:42.1 4th: Game tied at 54
:32.9 4th: game tied at 56
I forgot to record when the game winning shot happened due to seeing if we would defend the Bulls at not allow a shot! Anyways we did and we won!

After the game I was offered Louis Amundson + '11 2ndRP from GSW for Tinsley + '12 2ndRP (PORT) The obvious answer is NO! Golden State is one of the best teams in the league.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cats stun Nets and Hawks with comebacks. A mindnumbing trade by the Cavs

Game 53 36-16 Cats v 25-28 Nets

3:44 1st: Cats up 5-2
:50.7 1st: Cats down 7-10
End 1st: Cats down 7-12
4:20 2nd: Game tied at 12
1:34 2nd: Cats down 16-17
Halftime: Cats down 20-19 - Marion heaved a shot from the opposing lane that almost went in!
4:04 3rd: Cats up 21-20
1:58 3rd: Cats down 25-29
:40.1 3rd: Cats down 27-31
:28.9 3rd: Cats down 31-33
End 3rd: Cats down 31-35
3:40 4th: Cats down 35-39
2:26 4th: Cats down 35-41
1:22 4th: Cats down 40-44
1:08 4th: Cats down 40-46
:40.3 4th: Game tied at 46
:.04 4th: GAY HITS 3 FOR THE WIN!

Nets new Cards

Harris was fined for this kick and could be suspended!

Manfred's Diary
I was just offered Melvin Ely for Jamaal Tinsley. I said No!

Game 54 37-16 Cats @ 32-21 Hawks
Cats stun Hawks with comeback!

4:14 1st: Jamal Crawford goes down but only has a sore knee.
3:43 1st: Cats down 2-7
2:17 2nd: Cats down 8-9
1:45 2nd: Cats down 8-14
End 1st: Cats down 8-22
4:14 2nd: Cats down 15-22
2:45 2nd: Cats down 20-26
1:17 2nd: Cats down 25-31
:21.6 2nd: Cats down 31-38
Halftime: Cats down 34-40 after buzzer beating 3 by Gay!
4:13 3rd: Cats down 36-43
2:45 3rd: Cats down 40-43
1:44 3rd: Cats up 44-43
End 3rd: Cats up 47-45
4:10 4th: McRoberts with a nice block of Horford at Rim!

3:27 4th: Lopez with monster block

3:09 4th: Block by Anderson

2:08 4th: Cats up 57-47

New Cards

Celtics send down Erden
Wolves recall Pekovic
Kings send down Whiteside
Cavs trade Hickson and Jamison to NJ for Murphy and Vujacic.
- while the Cavs had a glut at PF and C the was and extremely stupid trade. Jamison is ranked a 79 and neither Murphy nor Vujacic are even close to that!

DET: Prince is out 6-8 weeks with broken back!
- Poor Detroit. The injury bug keeps on biting!

Manfred's Diary
Ring, Ring, Ring
Hello this is Manfred Nissley
Hi Manfred this is R. C. Budford the GM of the Spurs.
ME: HEllo! How can I be of service?
RCB: I have a trade offer for you.
ME: What do you have?
RCB: James Anderson (SG/SF(66)) and our 2012 1stRP for Tinsley and the 2011 Pistons 1stRP.
ME: Are you joking?
RCB: Nope.
ME: No deal, Bye!