Saturday, March 19, 2011

All-Star Rosters announced and LeBron is injured!

Raptors send down Gaines

LeBron James will be out 1-2 weeks with a strained abdomen.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cats beat Celtics and Pacers. Games 51, 52 Pau Gasol injured

Game 51 34-16 Cats v 32-18 Celtics

3:18 1st: Cats down 5-6
1:52 1st: Game tied at 8
End 1st: Cats up 13-12
4:04 2nd: Cats down 13-18
:23.7 2nd: Cats down 23-24
Halftime: Cats up 26-24
3:56 2nd: Cats up 28-24
3:18 3rd: game tied at 28
2:22 3rd: Cats up 31-28
:27.5 3rd: Cats up 37-31
End 3rd: Cats up 37-33
3:35 4th: Game tied at 37
1:29 4th: Cats down 39-41
1:25 4th: Cats up 42-41
:58.2 4th: Cats up 45-43

New Cards

Pau Gasol will play hurt for 2-4 weeks due to a broken finger!

Game 52 35-16 Cats @ 23-26 Pacers

2:37 1st: Cats down 4-7
1:43 1st: Cats down 6-13
:44.5 1st: Cats up 14-13
End 1st: Cats down 14-17
3:33 2nd: Cats down 18-19
2:06 2nd: Cats up 24-23
1:26 2nd: Cats up 27-23
Halftime: Cats up 32-25
3:31 3rd: Cats up 39-25
2:41 3rd: Cats up 41-31
End 3rd: Cats up 48-38
1:56 4th: Cats up 60-38
1:53 4th: Cats up 60-40

Camby takes out a videographer!

On the next trip down the floor Hinrich ran into one as well!

Galaxy Card Co 2010-11 Game 52 card selections

Mavericks send down Dominique Jones
Grizzlies recall Sam Young

Phi: Craig Brackens will play hurt 2-4 weeks due to Strained Hamstring.
Ind: Granger will play hurt 2-4 weeks with Strained Hamstring.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Game 49 vs Heat and 50 vs Mavs. Laughers

Game 49 32-16 Cats vs 28-21 Heat

3:31 1st: Cats up 7-5
2:42 1st: Cats up 11-7
1:49 1st: Cats up 18-11
:27.1 1st: Cats up 18-11
E3: Cats up 21-11
3:47 2nd: Cats up 25-13
1:43 2nd: Cats up 40-19
:21.3 2nd: Cats up 33-17
Halftime: Cats up 35-17
I will not bore you with the rest of the diary portion of this game. I changed the settings afterwards
Rudy Gay posterizing James, Wade, and Bosh at the same time.
Rudy Gay posterizing James, Wade, and Bosh at the same time.

Bucks recall Derrick Brown
Wolves send Lazar Haywood down

Game 50 33-16 Cats vs 33-16 Mavericks

Shawn Marion Returned from his injury just in time to face his former team. He lit them up!

3:21 1st: Cats up 9-4
1:35 1st: Cats up 15-6
E1: Cats up 20-12
3:11 2nd: Cats up 26-12
1:30 2nd: Cats up 32-16
Halftime: Cats up 36-20
3:46 3rd: Cats up 40-22
1:50 3rd: Cats up 46-26
E3: Cats up 50-26
2:18 4th: Cats up 58-34
This game was also a laugher. As a result the settings have changed again.

Clippers send down DeAndre Jordan!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Game 48 Cats beat Pistons. Cavs land Tyson Chandler!

Game 48 31-16 Cats @ 18-30 Pistons on Groundhogs day
Cats send Pistons scurrying back into their hole 65-50.

2:06 1st: Cats up 7-4
End 1st: Cats up 16-8
3:52 2nd: Cats up 41-20
:55.3 2nd: Cats up 43-29
End 3rd: Cats up 45-32
4:18 4th: Stuckey goes down. He will be out 1-2 weeks with a strained abdomen

3:44 4th Cats up 48-38
2:18 4th Bynum is down. He will play hurt for 1-2 weeks with a sore knee.

1:04 4th: Cats up 54-48
:33.3 4th: Cats up 60-48

NBA News
Spurs trade George Hill + McDyess to the Suns for Pietrus and Grant Hill.
Spurs C+, Suns B-
Washington sends Booker to D-League
Nets recall Uzoh
Cavs trade Sessions + Varejao to the Mavericks for Tyson Chandler!
-This is a major coup for the Cavs. They might be able to trade one of the other washed up bigs for a good guard. Cavs A-, Mavs B
Lakers send Caracter to D-League
Bulls recall Forbes
Bucks recall Brown

OKC: C. Hunter will play hurt 2-4 weeks with Plantar Fasciitis
LAC: Bledsoe will play hurt 2-4 weeks with a strained hamstring

Monday, March 14, 2011

February 1st, 2011 Report

All Star Votes

Award Races


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Stat leaders

For games 13 through 47 go to this link

This is the location where I started this dynasty before moving it over.

To become a draft pick check this post out.

Puttins Bobcats yr1 7-4 cats @ 8-3 Heat.

Headlines: Lakers shopping Walton.

Game 12 7-4 Cats @ 8-3 Heat
The Cats beat the Heat 77-74 after going down by 7 early in the game.
Dwayne Wade was slightly injured and will play hurt for 1-2 weeks with a sore knee.
POG Anthony Parker 17 points, 1 assist, 3 rebounds, 1 steal.

Manfred's Diary
End of First Quarter: We are down 22-15. This I expected.
At halftime: Down 40-39.
High scoring game here. We seem to keep trading threes!
Mid 3rd. First Lead! 47-46
End 3rd. down 56-55
4:49 Major controversy brewing here. Did James get fouled or did he just lose control of the ball? OB off James' knee

2:14 left in game and Wade is wincing in pain on the floor. Kudos to Kurt Thomas.

 1:59 James rises up for three! Good... Oh great! Thabo just fouled James. Thankfully James missed the three.
1:56 Conley nailed a 3!
1:12 Just took lead on a dunk by Gay!
:15 James hit a 2 pointer his toe was on the line