Saturday, March 12, 2011

Game 3
Cats hold off the Buck 55-48
The game was back and forth until the final minutes. The cats then built an insurmountable lead.
POG was Rudy Gay with 20 points. He also had a nice block!
Cats are now 2-1 and the Bucks are 1-2

Rudy Gay's block into the 20th row.

Gooden preparing to enact his revenge on the Bucks. A nice block to seal the win.

Journal of Manfred Nissley
It looks like we have a solid team.

Rumor Mill
Timberwolves looking to unload Webster?

Injury Report
Tony Allen of Memphis is playing hurt with a strained Hamstring for 2-4 weeks
Shannon Brown of the Lakers is out for 2-4 weeks with a severe ankle sprain
Chris Budinger of Houston is out with 2-4 weeks with a broken toe.
Kevin Martin of Houston is out and Day to Day with with a sore ankle.
Mike Conley of Charlotte is playing hurt for 1-2 weeks with a sore knee.
Luke? Harangody of Boston is playing hurt for 2-4 weeks with a strained groin.

I sent Forbes and Pendergraph to the D. League

Game 4

Cats pull away from Nets and win by 20! 63-43
Cats are now 3-1 and Nets are 2-2
POG is Sefolosha with 22 points, 1 rebound, 1 block, and 1 assist
Hinrich also had a block that was controversial as it appeared he went through the rim and hit the ball on the way down.

Game 5
Bobcats lose in blowout 60-47 to Pistons
Bobcats might need to look for new coach. He may have thrown the game!
POG was Ben Gordon with 14 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block

Controversial block that did not matter.

This is why Gordon was the player of the game.

And the fat lady sang. Prince slams am ally-oop!

Manfred's Diary
Halftime: Our guys cant seem to do anything right! 29-22 Pistons
My faith in Brown is waning.
3rd quarter.
Neal just hit back to back 3s to tie the game! Where was he in the first half! But why is Powe in at the PG position?
End of 3rd. 43-34 Pistons
Brown majorly goofed on rotations. He cost us the game. Did he throw it? I need to talk to Jordan!

1st and 2nd game

I am playing with 5 minute quarters. I am still trying to figure out the gameplay settings.
Conley 78
Hinrich 74
Sefolosha 67
Forbes 65
Neal 65
Gay 87
Mbah A Moute 70
Evans 67
Ebanks 66
Brand 78
Powe 65
Pendergraph 62
Gooden 70
K. Thomas 68
Elson 61

As you can see the Bobcats are a completely different team.

1st Game
Bobcats slaughtered at the hands of rogue Mavericks
The Bobcats were slaughtered tonight by the Mavericks at a tune of 60-29. We knew this team is rebuilding, but still.
Player of the Game was Jason Terry who could not be stopped!
Conley was slightly injured and will play through an injury for 1 -2 weeks

Thabo Sefolosha went into the gym and worked hard on his jump shot and showed significant improvements.

2nd game
Bobcats claw the defenseless Pacers 74-34. The poor Pacers had no chance. The Bobcats took out their anger of their last loss against the Mavs.
Player of the Game was Thabo Sefolosha. The dude was on fire! in 12 minutes he
scored 16 points, had 2 rebounds and assists. He also had a block.

One of the pacers after a hard foul.

the poor pacers just could not keep up. This is Neal

Paul Silas backs out of deal and major transactions

Oh great Paul Silas just told me he has a better offer from overseas! Now I must get a coach pretty fast. I guess I need to sign Larry Brown back. grrr... Maybe next year I can get a good coach.

I just completed a bunch of trades.
New Roster and rotation will come soon.

Carrol + 2nd pick of 2011 to Suns for Warrick and 2nd round pick of 2011
K. Brown to Chi for K. Thomas
traded Mcguire + Livingston to OKC for DJ White and Sefolosha
traded DJ White and Diop to Indiana for AJ Price and Posey
traded AJ Price and 1stRP of 2011 to Portland for Cunningham and 1stRP of 2012
traded Collins + 2ndRP of 2012 to Denver for Forbes and 2ndRP of 2011
traded Najera and 1stRP of 2012 to ATL for Evans + 1st RP of 2012
traded Mohammed + (other) Brown to MIL for Mbah A Moute and Gooden
traded Warrick + 2ndRP of 2011 to to TOR for Weems
traded Weems + 1st RP 2012 to CLE for Powe + 1st RP 2011 (thats right! I now have the cavs 1st round pick this year!)
traded TY Thomas + Cunningham (I signed him) to WASH for Hinrich + 2nd RP 2011
traded Diaw + Posey + 1st RP 2012 to PHI for Brand + 2nd RP 2011
traded Wallace and Jackson to Mem for Gay and Arthur
traded Augustine + Henderson to MEM for Conley.

traded Arthur to Utah for Elson
signed and traded Jake Robinson + 2nd RP 2011 to SAS for Neal
signed Jeff Pendergraph after he grew to 7'0"
signed and traded Holston + 2nd RP 2011 to LAL for Ebanks and 2nd RP 2012

First diary post

The diary of one Manfred Nissley.
I started my job search today. I hope I can get a nice cushy file clerk position.
Applied local hospital to be a medical record's clerk.
Applied for a low level Administrative Support position with the Charlotte Bobcats today.
Hospital sent immediate refusal to interview me. Wished me well on future endeavors. I shall have my revenge.
Charlotte Bobcats called today. I have an interview for 2 PM on Monday.
Nice Day off.
Awesome sermon at church today regarding revenge. I will drop my grievance against Hospital.
I am stunned. I was hired on the spot! Go Bobcats!
Started the job today.
Found something odd in the files. Reported straight to Mr. Jordan.
Mr. Jordan has ordered a clean sweep of organization except for new hires. I am stunned.
Mr Jordan wants to see me tomorrow. Shaking in my boots.
I am on cloud 9! Mr. Jordan offered me the GM position! Of course I said yes!
Went home to tie up loose ends.
Youth group had farewell party for me after an awesome church service.
Hired new coach. His name is Paul Silas.

to be continued....

Manfred's Bobcats Dynasty yr1

With the release of the 2K11 patch I started this Dynasty.
You will see I that I am not your typical manager and I do not play like other folks do. I play an uptempo type of game. Any games I actually play will have 5 minute quarters. Do not be surprised to see a lot of trades.

Next post. The birth of a new era in Charlotte.

NLSC Draftees entrance requirements!->
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Current Roster

#11 Michael Conley 78

#12 Kurt Hinrich 75

#10 Jamaal Tinsley 65

#22 Rudy Gay 86

#19 Raja Bell 70

#14 Gary Neal

#0 Shawn Marion

#31 Tahbo Sefolosha 70

20 Daniel Green 63

#41 Taj Gibson 72

#43 Josh McRoberts 65

#33 Ryan Anderson 65

#23 Marcus Camby 78

#15 Robin Lopez 64


9 Joey Dorsey 64

Daft Picks
Detroit 1st
Cavs 2nd
Detroit 2nd
Cavs 2nd
Blazers 2nd

2012 NLSC/Blogger Draftee List
Zee Otoo 6'9" SF/PF(z02)
Chris Hovkov C (hova)