Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why this is on hiatus

Over at NLSC only those with politically correct thoughts (IE left-leaning) may post those thoughts. As a result I have been banned. Asperger (Autistic) thoughts are not politically correct. Therefore this is not only banning of non politically correct thoughts but also a banning of someone who inadvertently used the wrong phraseology to say he was cool with not speaking of political issues due to being autistic.

There was also a case of Anti-Christian thread getting turned on its head when I mentioned that Christians are frequently killed for their beliefs around the world. I know that my Iranian reader here on blogspot will back me up when I say that the radical muslims in your country do hate Christians and Jews because of how they interpret the Koran.

As to the phraseology that got me in trouble. Take a look at my post in the "Random" thread. It was a reply to someone's post about how they saw some of my threads were getting locked. Here is what I said verbatim "Yeah I am noticing that as well. Seems folks don't like what the newspapers here in the states are saying. Whatever."

That post was misconstrued by Andrew as being snarky and passive aggressive. It was not meant as such. It was statement of fact. The "whatever" was meant to understood as "That is their opinion and while I do not agree with it I can live with that decision and I will follow their command in this area."

I now realize I should have spelled out what that "whatever" actually meant. But, my autistic brain did not think of that.

I hold no grudges with anyone at NLSC, and I forgive them all. I had some good times there.

Sit - A big shout-out goes to Sit. It was and hopefully will continue to be awesome interacting with you.

Andrew. While you misunderstood me I do commend you for wishing to keep NLSC a peaceful place.

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