Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Year 1 Games 77, 78 Angry Cats enact vengance against Cavs

Game 77 53-23 Cats @ 22-54 Cavs

The Bobcats took vengeance for their previous loss to the Cavs by destroying them 63-33. Rudy Gay got the POG award despite Camby recording all of his points int the 1st 3 quarters. The Cavs lost Joey Graham (4-6 weeks - Strained Achilles) and Troy Murphy (4-6 weeks - Broken Wrist) for the remainder of the Cavs turrible season. With the loss the Cavs are cemented firmly in last place.
If you recall, the Cavs traded their picks this year thinking they were getting some good players. Well the players were not too bad, however the core surrounding them are! The Bobcats currently hold the Cavs 2nd round pick while Detroit holds the Cavs first rounder. The Cavs hold both of this years' Detroit picks.

Odd stat of the night: Neither Marion nor Conley scored in 12 minutes.

2K Note: Cats improve win record by 10 over previous season.

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The Breaking of the wrist

Team News
Lopez will play hurt 1-2 weeks with a strained hammy.

League News
Injury Reports:
LAL: Artest (playing hurt 4-6 weeks - Broken Finger)
NY: Azubuike (playing hurt 2-4 weeks - Strained hammy)
MIA: Chalmers (playing hurt 2-4 weeks - strained groin)
CHI: C. J. Watson (out 2-4 weeks - Strained Abdomen)
      Mbah A Moute (playing hurt 2-4 weeks- strained hammy)
DEN: A. Carter (out 2-4 weeks-Sprained Neck)
DAL: Mahinmi (playing hurt 2-4 weeks - plantar Fasciitis)
NO: D. West (playing hurt 2-4 weeks - sprained wrist)

Game 78 54-23 Cats v 30-48 Magic

The Bobcats won 64-59 over the Magic, despite the 3pt barrage by the Magic in the 4th quarter. Gilbert Arenas is playing like the Gilbert of old and DW is a beast! To bad the surge has come so late. They have the second worst record in the league.

The Magic lead the game until just before halftime. The Cats took over in the second quarter and lead the rest of the way. The closest the magic came was 46-44 in the third. For the first time in a while the Cats did not lose the turnover battle. The only had three to match the Magic's three.

Odd Stat of the night: Bass 1 point in his 16 minutes.

Bass will play hurt for the next 1-2 weeks with a bruised hip

2K Notes:
Congrats! Best Division Record!
Congrats! Best Season Record!

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League News:
TOR: Josh Childress out 4-6 weeks with a broken Wrist.

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