Saturday, May 7, 2011

Playoff Preview and Prediction Games

1 DAL 51-31 V 8 OKC 45-37

There is not much difference between the teams in terms of records. The Mavs allowed 40.0 ppg while the Thunder allowed 41.0. The only way the thunder can win (considering season stats) is if the Thunder keep their blocks at their current rates and they keep their turnovers low. Ibaka must stay out of foul trouble and Jeff Green needs to improve his season 3pt% (23% and he took a bunch). In order for the Mavericks to win Jason Calderone must continue his excellent fill in job he is doing for Caron Butler (out 6-8 months) and Kidd must shoot the ball better.
Manfred's Prediction - Thunder

2 GSW 50-32 v 7 Denver 45-37

This match-up is intriguing. GS allowed .1ppg more than Denver. However, GS scored .5ppg more than Denver. Denver has a .1rpg advantage. GS has a .3bpg advantage. The warriors must continue their strong push that got them here, The only way for the Nuggets to win is if they up their defense just slightly.
Manfred's prediction - Warriors.

3 Houston 49-33 v 6 LAL 46-36

This matchup could go either way. While the Rockets score more per game, the Lakers have the 2nd stingiest defense. The Rockets are known for their 3pt shooting. When you couple that with the how turnover prone the Lakers are, they look beatable.
Add in the fact that Artest is playing with a broken finger and a single Laker win looks impossible.
Manfred's prediction - Rockets

4 Utah 46-36 v 5 Mem 48-34

Based on the record's I can't figure out how the Jazz got the fourth spot. The Grizzlies give up 42.4ppg while the Jazz give up 41.0. After reviewing how the teams are nearly identical the 2 stats that jumped out were the Jazz's high foul rate and the Grizzlies knack of getting to the foul line. The only way the Jazz have a chance to win is if Larry Hughes (out d2d) returns from his broken back and produces the stats as he did before the injury.
Manfred's prediction - Memphis

1 Cha 59-23 v 8 Ind 37-45

The Pacers have no chance.
Manfred's prediction Charlotte

2 ATL 52-30 v 7 Phi 42-40

The 76ers also have no chance
Manfred's prediction - Atlanta

3 Bos 51-31 v 6 NY 43-39

The only way the Knicks have a chance is if the Celtics, mostly Ray Allen, have a bad series.

Manfred's prediction - Boston

4 Chi 47-35 v 5 Mia 48-34

It looks like this will be a long series. The only way the Bulls can win is if they cut down on turnovers and limit the effectiveness of the Heat's 3pt shooters. Another knock against the Bulls is that they only have 3 healthy guards. C. J. Watson is out 1-2 weeks.
Manfred's prediction - Heat

Prediction Game 3
Predict the winner of each series. Each correct pick is worth 5 points.

Prediction Game 4
Predict the "odd stat of the night" winner for each Bobcats versus Pacers game. each accurate pick for each game = 12 points

for reference sake here is the link to the current rosters.

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