Friday, May 6, 2011

Pistons GM on hot seat. Allen Iverson coming back to the NBA!

Detroit Free Press
April 14th, 2011

Dumars on Hot Seat

While everyone was exclaiming about the crazy amount of trades that GM Manfred Nissley of the Bobcats did the trades that GM Joe Dumars of the Detroit Pistons accepted went almost unnoticed.

Dumars's biggest trade involved draft picks. Manfred Nissley tricked Dumars into trading both of the Pistons 2011 picks for the Cavs 1st rounder. Dumars probably thought the Pistons had a great shot at the playoffs, 10th in east and 2 wins out of 8th, and thought why not! What he forgot however was that he had traded TMAC to the Clippers! What he also did not realize was that several of his important players were injured as he had just gotten back from a "save the planet" mission to the Amazon Rainforest. He claims he had just sat down and look at the standing when the phone rang! When he heard what Manfred was offering he immediately offered both draft picks.

That trade will probably be Dumars's GMing waterloo. The Pistons basically collapsed down the stretch. Instead of finishing 8th they finished 3rd worst in the league! Joe Dumars is said to be beside himself.

*The Pistons announced as this article was going to press that a press conference would be held tomorrow.

Detroit Free Press
April 15th, 2011


The Pistons held a news conference this morning to announce that Joe Dumars is no longer with the team. They did not clarify what happened. We do have sources telling us that Yesterday afternoon the Police along with Fire and Rescue were at the Pistons headquarters. However, only those in the building would know what was going on.

Another notable occurrence was the absence of owner Tom Gores from the press conference. It has been speculated that he has been considering either selling or moving the team away from the crime ridden city of Detroit.

At the press conference it was announce that the Pistons reached out to Manfred Nissley and see if he would jump ship. He turned them down. The desperate Pistons then got in touch with... Dennis Rodman. He also turned them down.

So who did the Pistons sign to be the GM? Allen Iverson, who briefly played for the Pistons, was the next player to be contacted. Amazingly he accepted! Many media personalities thought AI would be back as a player. But, surprisingly, he is now the GM of the Pistons.

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