Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No! It can't be!

Announcer 1: We welcome you to game 4 of the Bobcats and Pacers series in Indianapolis. Currently the Pacers are down 2 games to 1 and the Pacers are putting a scare into the Bobcats.

Announcer 2: The loss in Charlotte has really gotten Manfred Nissley concerned. Rumors continue to circulate concerning why he was even hired and why Brown is still on the hot seat after getting the best record.

A1: And here is the tip. Who do you think will win this game?

A2: Oh it must be Charlotte they barely won the last game and it lit a fire under the team.

A1: Bobcats strike first they are up 2-0.

3 minutes later

A1: The Pacers are taking it to the Bobcats tonight. They are up 4-14!

End of the first.

A1 Now that we have finished the first quarter what is your impression?

A2 Well if the Bobcats wish to even come close to winning this game they must defend better! The Pacers are lighting them up and lead 10-22!

And as we start the 2nd quar.....

A1 Its halftime now and the Pacers lead 17-35. What do you think is going on?

A2 Danny Granger is living it up down there. The Pacers can't seem to miss!

A1 Lets go and see what Manfred Nissley has to say. He is always good for a quote.

Manfred Nissley, what is impression of the game so far?

MN Gna, Gna, it cant be! Its a disaster. An unmitigated disaster! Augh!

A1 Well that was interesting. I have never seen Nissley look so wild! I wonder what is wrong with him?

A2 Who knows, everyone things he could be crazy, even Jordan is starting to wonder.

We now cut to the private Box of Manfred Nissley for the rest of the game, it is reported he is having a mental break down.

Oh no! what is going on! we are in the third and we are losing 19 - 37! Oh good there is a three. No! there they go again the pacers score. What is going on here! These Pacers are super human.

I wonder if they are on drugs. Yes that must be it. Ganger must be taking something. Nobody is that focused. And what was that. That was a foule you stupid ref.

This is crazy. We are  down 33-61 here in the fourth and I cant take it anymore! I need to leave. Wheres my door. Oh there it is.


Wow that was crazy. I stepped out the door and the stadium disapeared. Where am I? Oh hello there! Who are you?

Who me?

yes, you!

It is I, Diger O'dell, the friendly undertaker.

Oh now this is just weird I must be hallucinating. You are a character in an old time radio show.

That I am. How did you get fall in my grave, and why are you disturbing the funeral?

I have no clue. Wait I must be dreaming.

Drunk is more like it.

Would you help me out of here? I would like to see Riley, for I seem to be living in "The Life of Riley" program.

Sure, here is my hand.


DO: No, thank you! I need an extra grave hole closer. Will you help me?

MN: Sure, this is weird.

DO: Later, thanks, I didnt get your name.

MN: My name is Manfred....

(old lady) Did you say Manfred?

MN: Yes!

OL: You killed my husband you Red Baron!

MN: No! Wait! oof!

DO: See you two later. I had better be shoveling off! Got two more graves to dig. His and you, madam murderess!

Pant, pant, pant.
Whats this I am covered is sweat and I hear the Life of Riley Program. What time is it? 8AM, well its time to get up. What an awful dream! Hmm... I just had an idea. Lets put Marion at Pf and Gay at SF with Hinrich at SG. I need to talk with Brown. Lets see what is on the news.

...In the west the Mavericks stave off elimination and the Lakers win again.

I wonder if the Mavericks can come back form a 0-3 deficit and make history....

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