Monday, May 9, 2011

Dallas Mavericks Series News

Dallas Star
James Parker

OKC Leads series 3-1.
The Dallas must keep their heads and continue to do what they did last night or they will be out of the playoffs. The question on everyone's minds is "will the Mavericks do what no team has ever done?"

OKC did something nobody thought was possible. They won both games in Dallas against the second best team in the league! They then won the next game as well!

If you turned on the radio this morning and not paid attention to this series because it was a forgone conclusion you were very much surprised. The Mavericks finally turned in a good game last night. They won 41-35.

What has happened so far? One name stands out as the culprit of the Mavericks losing the first three games. Jason Terry. Dallas lost the first game 35-48 and Terry was 0-6. Dallas lost the second game 44-46 and Terry was 2-6 from long range. Dallas lost game 3 39-40 and Terry was 3-7. Dallas won last night 41-35 by holding the Thunder to 1-7 from long range. Dallas only sent OKC to the freethrow line 7 times.

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