Monday, May 16, 2011

Cats v Heat. Games 2 and 3. LeBron Controversy

2010-11 Playoffs Round 2 Cats v Heat Game 2

The Cats won another tough game 61-58
The Cats led by 16 points at one point before the Heat came back.
The Cats jumped out to a 14-4 lead in the first before the Heat went on a 17-8 run of their own to come to within 1 point. The Cats turned it on again and led 35-23 at halftime. That as the basic margin until 3:40 to go in the 4th quarter when Juwan Howard got free for a layup. The Heat went on a 21-11 run to finish the game. LeBron hit a buzzer beating 3 to end the game. Too bad it didnt change the outcome. the Cats still won 61-58. Thabo Sefolosha is making a good case to become a starter next year. The dude is not only a great defender but us becoming a clutch shooter!

Odd Stat: Only Dampier did not score for the Heat.

New Cards

League News
Houston - Patterson is out 2-4 weeks

2010-11 Playoffs Round 2 CHA @ MIA Game 3

The Bobcats stun Heat 57-56 amid LeBron Controversy
In one of the toughest battles in the series neither team could hold onto the lead. The Cats had the largest lead in the second quarter at 30-23 before the Heat roared back to take a 38-40 lead in the third quarter. The Heat held a 56-55 lead with 28 seconds left. The Cats called their final timeout. The Cats inbounded from halfcourt and the pass went straight to the post where Taj Gibson was immediately fouled on an attempted dunk. He hit both free throws to give the Cats a 57-56 lead. the Heat decided to run down the clock before attempting to take a shot. The ball went into the paint with 6 seconds left and the Cats collapsed into the paint.... leaving LeBron wide open! One of the Cats tried to get out to him but it was too late. LeBron rose up for a deep 2 with his foot on the line and with 3 seconds left shot the ball. What happened to him as he rose up was like something out of a bad movie. Bosh almost ran into LeBron but swerved between LeBron and the basket! LeBron's shot clanged off the front left corner of the rim! The cats rebounded the ball and heaved a full court shot in order to avoid a foul. That shot that almost went in!

There would have been pics of this game and the LeBron and Bosh controversy but and odd thing happened. All images of the shot and of the game disappeared! Including those of the Fans! claims that they never received any pics but the everyone is sure that LeBron confiscated the pics.

Odd Stat: A line of zeros for Eddie House in 3 minutes.

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