Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2010-11 Playoffs Round 1 CHA v IND games 4,5

Playoffs Round 1 CHA v IND game 4

The Bobcats won a tough battle over the Pacers 60-52. The Bobcats decided to change up their defensive scheme in order to combat Danny Granger who had been lighting it up from beyond the arc. The Cats decided to use Gibson at C, Marion at Pf, Gay at SF, Hinrich at SG, and Conley at the point. The Cats discovered in the first that this lineup would not work after they were down 7-12. The Bobcats then went with Gibson at C Marion at PF, Sefolosha at SF, Gay at SG, and Conley at the point with Camby, Anderson, Bell, Neal, and Hinrich coming off the bench. This lineup helped the Cats pull out to a 30-22 lead. From that point both teams were fairly matched. The Cats did go up 53-40 in the 4th. The Pacers then went on a 12-3 run to pull within 52-56 that scared the Cats. The Bobcats then hit four freethrows and the Pacers could not score again.

That defensive scheme kept the Pacers to 1-12 from the three point line.

Odd stat. Granger had 12 points, yet was 1-8 from downtown.

League News
76ers stay alive. Win 36-35. ATL 3 - PHI 1
DAL v OKC. Dallas stays alive, beats OKC 43-36. OKC 1-8 3pt.

2010-11 Playoffs Round 1 CHA v IND Game 5

The Cats decided to sop toying with the Pacers and put them out of their misery. They clobbered the Pacers 61-45 and won the series 4-1.

Larry Brown is once again on the hot seat after he forgot to change the starting lineup to include Sefolosha instead of Hinrich. After getting an earful of calm commands from Manfred Nissley he quickly changed who was on the floor.

The Cats jumped out to a 15-4 lead and never looked back. They kept that margin in the scores until the 3rd when the Cats went on a nice run and went up by 23. During the third quarter Hibbert picked up his 5th foul. He then fouled out with 4.8 seconds left in the fourth.

T. J. Ford returned for this game and led the Pacers with 15 points.

Due to the Bobcats defensive scheme the held Granger to 3-13 shooting!

Odd stat. Granger missed a double double by 1 point and 1 rebound.

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