Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Games 65, 66, 67 Blazers, Raptors, Rockets (skill upgrade, finally)(ppr-March update) (Major Team news))

Game 65 47-17 Cats vs 29-35 Blazers

The Blazers took out the Cats with a commanding 64-51 shooting fest. The Cats didn't go down without a fight however. The scratched and clawed the blazers for quite a while. On a monster collision with Camby, Wesley Matthews was injured. He will be out 6-8 weeks with a broken wrist. Even without Matthews the Blazers target practiced on the Cats and eventually put them down. After the third quarter the Cats began to shoot 3s every time down the floor. It was all for naught. The Blazers just took them down.

The league is looking into the foul by Camby and are considering a possible suspension.

Odd stat of the night. Matthews had 2 points, 2 steals in 1 minute of action!

New Cards

Spurs recall Jake Robinson
Magic sign RaShad McCants for the rest of the season

2K Notification.
Congrats! Cats complete goal of making playoffs!

Team News
The Bobcats have taken the bold of a preemptive suspension of Marcus Camby. They knew the league would be likely to suspend him. They also knew that the scrutiny of the league would create animosity from the fans.
As a result of the suspension the Cats signed #42 Clay Davidson C ( 56) to a 10 day contract. His playing time will be sparse after Camby is back. Clay is 7'3" 300lbs and will most likely not amount to much, even though is rather young yet.

Game 66 47-18 Cats @ 24-41 Raptors

The Cats were killed by the Raptors 71-51. Without Camby they were no match for Toronto. All-in-all it was a bad game for the whole Cats team. Up in the press box Nissley could be seen shaking his fist. After the game he released a statement that he would hold a press conference in a few days. On top of all this Clay Davidson, it was discovered, is only good at hitting free throws, closing out on shooters and setting picks.

Odd stat of night.
10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists in 6 minutes for Bayless.

Press conference with Manfred Nissley
Hi guys, I will be brief as possible and please hold all questions until another time.
While I like the basic core of our team we still have some fine tuning to do, as was evidenced by our last game. Mr. Brown is on even shorter leash now and could be fired next year if we do not go .500 over our last 16 games. He knows this and I believe he will light a fire under this team. About the players I will say this. Most of these guys are keepers in my book. It will be tough cutting players next year who will do well on other teams. Please remember we have both Pistons draft picks this year as well as the Cavs second round pick. The Pistons are currently 3rd worse in the league and the Cavs are the worst.

If you remember a few weeks ago I let it be known that Camby would not be back next year. I have more bad news for you. We asked Marion if he would be willing to do a new deal to free up cap space for the upcoming year. Alas and alack he said no way and that if we did not increase his salary by 10% he would either demand a trade or retire. We told him there was no reason for him to retire since he is still a very good player we would attempt to trade him.

This concludes the press conference. Please ask any questions you have at the next meeting.

Game 67 47-19 Cats @ 40-28 Rockets

The Bobcats defensive shield thwarted the Rockets and destroyed the Rocket launching positions. They beat the Rockets 55-41 in a game where Battier could not keep up with Marion.

The entire Bobcats team had a 'fire lit under them'. Marion was especially on fire after his GM Nissley called him out after Marion demanded a trade. Marion certainly is building his stock and their will surely be teams calling about him in the off season.

Mavs recall Dominique Jones
Cavs recall Sonny Weems
Celtics recall Semih Erden

DAL: D. Stevenson will play hurt 4-6  weeks after breaking his finger.
LAL: Barnes will play hurt 2-4 weeks with a Strained Hamstring
NY: Gallinari out 2-4 weeks with a sprained foot.
Wash: Tyrus Thomas out 2-4 weeks with a concussion

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