Saturday, April 2, 2011

Games 59,60 Cats beat Magic despite comeback. Nuggets/Martin's wrist crushed

 Game 59 41-17 Cats @ 23-37 Magic
The Magic are only 3.5 games out of the last playoof spot in the east heading into this game.

After going down 3-8 in the first quarter the Cats stormed back and eventually stormed out to a 28-17 lead by halftime. It looked as though the Cats would run away with the game. Then disaster struck. The Bobcats could not keep control of the ball and the Magic began to pick off passes left and right. By the end of the third the Cats lead had dwindled to 5. Then the Cats went on a nice run and lead by 7 with less than a minute to go. Then again the Magic started picking off passes and cut the lead to 2. While trying to avoid being fouled the Cats started passing the ball very fast and on a pass across the mid-line the magic picked it off. In order to stop a potential fast break the cats fouled. The Magic in-bounded the ball and "lured" Arenas into the lane. Only one problem. While Bell saw Arenas driving to the lane the rest of the team just stood around. Thankfully Bell was able to put just enough pressure on Arenas and his shot took 3 fortuitous

Game 60 42-17 Cats @ 29-32 Nuggets
In honor of Old Stuff Day (Federally recognized (look it up)) the Cats and Nuggets donned their old uniforms.

Once again the Cats were slow out the gates, but they quickly caught up. After the 1st quarter the Cats slashed, clawed, bit, and generally crushed the Nuggets. They defeated the Nuggets in a 52-37 defeat. Speaking of being crushed, KMart's wrist is crushed and as a result the Nuggets will be without his services for 4-6 weeks. Does this spell the death-knell of his career? The Nuggets have no shot at a playoff spot and KMart is 33.

New Cards

In other News:
Bucks recall Garrett Temple
Knicks recall Timofey Mozgov
Magic recall Earl Clark

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