Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cats handle Pacers nicely, beat Celtics at last second. Bad News for Cats.

League/Team News
Camby hurt 
Marcus Camby pulled his hamstring in practice and will play hurt for 1-2 weeks. Due to Anderson recovering Davidson is no longer needed and the Cats declined to renew his contract.
Raja Bell hurt
Raja Bell most likely out for the remainder of the regular season after breaking his wrist. The Bobcats recalled Daniel Green to take his place on the roster.

Chicago recalls James Johnson
Utah recalls Jeremy Evans
Toronto recalls Sundaita Gaines
Sacramento recalls Hassan Whiteside

Injuries around the league
Washington Janning is out for 6-8 weeks due to a broken ankle.

Game 70 48-21 Cats v. 33-28 Pacers.


The Cats thoroughly controlled the game after the halfway point of the first quarter. Despite a few turnovers late in the game the Cats won 51-40. The Cats paced the Pacers early on, but then increased their lead to double digits in the third. The game would have been a lot different if the Pacers could have hit any their 3 pointers! 0-11 is not a good way to win a game!
Camby was slow up and down the floor but was still effective.

Odd stat of the night. Danny Granger. 16 minutes, 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 Turnovers, 2-10 FG, 0-4 3pt.

2K Note: Reward! Bobcats improve record by 5 wins over previous season.

New Cards

Game 71 49-21 Cats @ 44-26 Celtics

The Bobcats donned their green jerseys in hopes the green jerseys would confuse the Celtics. It almost cost the Cats the game as it was the Cats that actually got confused in the fourth! The cats were up 48-33 in the fourth quarter before the Celtics went on a 20-6 run. The Celtics thought they had the game with 12.1 seconds left when the took a 53-52 lead. The Celtics decided to leave Rudy Gay wide open since he was 4-11 from the field and had gone cold. It was a bad move as he swished a two with 2.1 seconds left giving the Cats a 54-53 lead. The Celtics immediately called a timeout. They in-bounded the ball from half court to Pierce. The cats had wisely stuck close to him. As he caught the ball he had two Bobcats near by. He lofted what could have been the best buzzer beating shot of the year. The Cats held their collective breaths as the ball went up and started straight down towards the hoop in a perfect arc. Then... clang! Phweet! The ball had bounced after hitting the inside of the front of the rim and over the backboard.

Other notable highlights included a block by Gibson on Garnett. The video can be seen here.

Odd stat of the night. Lopez had better stats than Camby did. Neither Camby nor Conley scored.

New Cards

League News
Lakers recall Caracter

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