Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paul Silas backs out of deal and major transactions

Oh great Paul Silas just told me he has a better offer from overseas! Now I must get a coach pretty fast. I guess I need to sign Larry Brown back. grrr... Maybe next year I can get a good coach.

I just completed a bunch of trades.
New Roster and rotation will come soon.

Carrol + 2nd pick of 2011 to Suns for Warrick and 2nd round pick of 2011
K. Brown to Chi for K. Thomas
traded Mcguire + Livingston to OKC for DJ White and Sefolosha
traded DJ White and Diop to Indiana for AJ Price and Posey
traded AJ Price and 1stRP of 2011 to Portland for Cunningham and 1stRP of 2012
traded Collins + 2ndRP of 2012 to Denver for Forbes and 2ndRP of 2011
traded Najera and 1stRP of 2012 to ATL for Evans + 1st RP of 2012
traded Mohammed + (other) Brown to MIL for Mbah A Moute and Gooden
traded Warrick + 2ndRP of 2011 to to TOR for Weems
traded Weems + 1st RP 2012 to CLE for Powe + 1st RP 2011 (thats right! I now have the cavs 1st round pick this year!)
traded TY Thomas + Cunningham (I signed him) to WASH for Hinrich + 2nd RP 2011
traded Diaw + Posey + 1st RP 2012 to PHI for Brand + 2nd RP 2011
traded Wallace and Jackson to Mem for Gay and Arthur
traded Augustine + Henderson to MEM for Conley.

traded Arthur to Utah for Elson
signed and traded Jake Robinson + 2nd RP 2011 to SAS for Neal
signed Jeff Pendergraph after he grew to 7'0"
signed and traded Holston + 2nd RP 2011 to LAL for Ebanks and 2nd RP 2012

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