Saturday, March 12, 2011

Manfred's Bobcats Dynasty yr1

With the release of the 2K11 patch I started this Dynasty.
You will see I that I am not your typical manager and I do not play like other folks do. I play an uptempo type of game. Any games I actually play will have 5 minute quarters. Do not be surprised to see a lot of trades.

Next post. The birth of a new era in Charlotte.

NLSC Draftees entrance requirements!->
See bottom of this post for the list of 2012 draftees.
Current Roster

#11 Michael Conley 78

#12 Kurt Hinrich 75

#10 Jamaal Tinsley 65

#22 Rudy Gay 86

#19 Raja Bell 70

#14 Gary Neal

#0 Shawn Marion

#31 Tahbo Sefolosha 70

20 Daniel Green 63

#41 Taj Gibson 72

#43 Josh McRoberts 65

#33 Ryan Anderson 65

#23 Marcus Camby 78

#15 Robin Lopez 64


9 Joey Dorsey 64

Daft Picks
Detroit 1st
Cavs 2nd
Detroit 2nd
Cavs 2nd
Blazers 2nd

2012 NLSC/Blogger Draftee List
Zee Otoo 6'9" SF/PF(z02)
Chris Hovkov C (hova)

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