Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st and 2nd game

I am playing with 5 minute quarters. I am still trying to figure out the gameplay settings.
Conley 78
Hinrich 74
Sefolosha 67
Forbes 65
Neal 65
Gay 87
Mbah A Moute 70
Evans 67
Ebanks 66
Brand 78
Powe 65
Pendergraph 62
Gooden 70
K. Thomas 68
Elson 61

As you can see the Bobcats are a completely different team.

1st Game
Bobcats slaughtered at the hands of rogue Mavericks
The Bobcats were slaughtered tonight by the Mavericks at a tune of 60-29. We knew this team is rebuilding, but still.
Player of the Game was Jason Terry who could not be stopped!
Conley was slightly injured and will play through an injury for 1 -2 weeks

Thabo Sefolosha went into the gym and worked hard on his jump shot and showed significant improvements.

2nd game
Bobcats claw the defenseless Pacers 74-34. The poor Pacers had no chance. The Bobcats took out their anger of their last loss against the Mavs.
Player of the Game was Thabo Sefolosha. The dude was on fire! in 12 minutes he
scored 16 points, had 2 rebounds and assists. He also had a block.

One of the pacers after a hard foul.

the poor pacers just could not keep up. This is Neal

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