Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Game 48 Cats beat Pistons. Cavs land Tyson Chandler!

Game 48 31-16 Cats @ 18-30 Pistons on Groundhogs day
Cats send Pistons scurrying back into their hole 65-50.

2:06 1st: Cats up 7-4
End 1st: Cats up 16-8
3:52 2nd: Cats up 41-20
:55.3 2nd: Cats up 43-29
End 3rd: Cats up 45-32
4:18 4th: Stuckey goes down. He will be out 1-2 weeks with a strained abdomen

3:44 4th Cats up 48-38
2:18 4th Bynum is down. He will play hurt for 1-2 weeks with a sore knee.

1:04 4th: Cats up 54-48
:33.3 4th: Cats up 60-48

NBA News
Spurs trade George Hill + McDyess to the Suns for Pietrus and Grant Hill.
Spurs C+, Suns B-
Washington sends Booker to D-League
Nets recall Uzoh
Cavs trade Sessions + Varejao to the Mavericks for Tyson Chandler!
-This is a major coup for the Cavs. They might be able to trade one of the other washed up bigs for a good guard. Cavs A-, Mavs B
Lakers send Caracter to D-League
Bulls recall Forbes
Bucks recall Brown

OKC: C. Hunter will play hurt 2-4 weeks with Plantar Fasciitis
LAC: Bledsoe will play hurt 2-4 weeks with a strained hamstring

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