Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I have come to a decision

This dynasty is done. It was fun while it lasted, but since my primary source of inspiration is no longer available there is no point anymore.

Why this is on hiatus

Over at NLSC only those with politically correct thoughts (IE left-leaning) may post those thoughts. As a result I have been banned. Asperger (Autistic) thoughts are not politically correct. Therefore this is not only banning of non politically correct thoughts but also a banning of someone who inadvertently used the wrong phraseology to say he was cool with not speaking of political issues due to being autistic.

There was also a case of Anti-Christian thread getting turned on its head when I mentioned that Christians are frequently killed for their beliefs around the world. I know that my Iranian reader here on blogspot will back me up when I say that the radical muslims in your country do hate Christians and Jews because of how they interpret the Koran.

As to the phraseology that got me in trouble. Take a look at my post in the "Random" thread. It was a reply to someone's post about how they saw some of my threads were getting locked. Here is what I said verbatim "Yeah I am noticing that as well. Seems folks don't like what the newspapers here in the states are saying. Whatever."

That post was misconstrued by Andrew as being snarky and passive aggressive. It was not meant as such. It was statement of fact. The "whatever" was meant to understood as "That is their opinion and while I do not agree with it I can live with that decision and I will follow their command in this area."

I now realize I should have spelled out what that "whatever" actually meant. But, my autistic brain did not think of that.

I hold no grudges with anyone at NLSC, and I forgive them all. I had some good times there.

Sit - A big shout-out goes to Sit. It was and hopefully will continue to be awesome interacting with you.

Andrew. While you misunderstood me I do commend you for wishing to keep NLSC a peaceful place.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On pause - due to non dynasty issues.

Hi folks due to some non dynasty issues this dynasty will be paused. Potentially indefinitely. Sorry guys.
Here is a dynasty update.

The 7th seed Nuggets beat the 1 seed Mavericks to win the WCF and to continue their storybook run!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bobcats finish shredding of Boston's curtains

2010-11 Playoffs Round 3 Game 4 Charlotte @ Boston

The Bobcats continued the shredding of the Celtics shamrock curtains by clobbering them 55-33.
While this score sounds like a was. Late in the first quarter the Cats led 15-5. The Celtics then went on a 16-9 run to come within three by halftime. The Celtics were within three with four minutes to go in the third but the Cats turned it on, outscoring the Celtics 10-5 the rest of the quarter. In the fourth the Cats went on a 17-5 run that just saddened the Celtic fan base. To top that off Garnett stepped out of bounds late in the fourth. That really brought down the boos, of the few fans that were still around.

Odd Stat: Pierce was 1-11 tonight!

2010-11 Playoffs Round 3 Game 5 Cats vs Celtics

The final thread of those shamrock curtains unraveled tonight. The Cats beat the reeling Celtics 67-52. 
The Bobcats got a major scare in this game when the on a 7-0 run to start the game. What happened after that was incredible! The Cats went on a 17-7 run to finish the quarter. It was more of the same in the second quarter. In the third the Cats received another scare when the Celtics went on a 10-0 run to close within 3! After that it was all Bobcats as they went on a 30-18 run to end the game.

Two Odd stats tonight as follows:

The biggest story of the night was how Thabo Sefolosha went off with 22 points in only 9 minutes of action!

The other story was how Shaq did not attempt any type of shot in 16 minutes of action!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cavs get their revenge for bump in road

2010-11 Playoffs Round 3 Game 2. Charlotte v Boston

The Bobcats were angry about the previous game which they lost. As a result the Cats shredded the Celtics shamrocks to the tune of 42-39. The game was very close in the first half with neither team making a statement. That changed in the third when the Cats jumped out to a 31-19 lead and never looked back. The Celtics came within 8 in the fourth before the final Cats run.

Odd Stat: Shaq. 0 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 2 blocks, 0-1 FG in 15 minutes.

New Feature here. Slideshow! credit for the idea goes to Theirry!

Game 3

The Bobcats continued their shredding of the shamrocks by defeating the Celtics 58-36. The Bobcats jumped out to a 13-3 lead in the first quarter before the Celtics went on a 12-6 run. The Celtics were never able to get any closer. By halftime the Cats lead was up to 13. By the end of the 4th the Cats led by 16. The Celtics were not to give up and this was evidenced by Rondo getting called for going over the back early in the fourth quarter. It was too bad that ROndo did that for he injured his ankle when he came down. He will play hurt for 1-2 weeks. From that point on the Celtics had no chance.

Odd Stat: McRoberts was the only Cat not to score.

New Cards

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celtics stun Bobcats in Charlotte

The Boston Celtics set out to prove something when they got to Charlotte. They were going to prove they were better than the Heat by winning at least one game in the series. Well, they won at least one now. They stunned the Bobcats 53-47 in Charlotte.

The Cats knew they were in for a tough battle when they gave up an 8-2 lead in the first quarter as the Celtics went on an 11-4 run to finish the quarter. In the second quarter the Cats jumped out to a 27-21 lead before the Celtics closed within 2 points heading into halftime. Something happened the 2nd quarter that got Boston really mad. Nate Robinson went on a fast break and as he went up he met Conley. Nate hit the shot and got injured, yet the refs did not call a foul. Nate will be playing hurt 1-2 weeks with a muscle injury in his leg. In the third quarter the Bobcats jumped out to a 42-30 lead. It was about this time that the phone rang in Manfred Nissley's private box. It was Sears calling to ask him to confirm a purchase someone made using his phone number. Turns out the person who ordered the merchandise lived in Texas and the use of a Virginia phone number raised alarms at Sears. (This happened with a few seconds left in the third.) Apparently the Bobcat players knew something was going on and they fell apart. The Celtics went on a 19-5 run and beat the Bobcats by 6.

Odd Stat: Camby: 0 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block, 1 turnover, 0-2 FG

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Did LeBron Choke or is Bosh a bad teammate? You decide!

The following are the pics of LeBron and his supposed choke at the end of game 3.

NBA fines LeBron and releases the missing pics and vids.

Today the NBA has released the footage of the last two games of the Cavs v Heat series. The NBA fined LeBron James $1,000,000 for his illegal confiscation of the pics and videos, rather than turning him over to the FBI for his criminal actions.

What follows are many of the pictures that LeBron took off with, not including his the pics of his choke.

Game 3

Game 4